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I wouldn’t like to be without my blinds now. Previous to the fitting of the blinds the conservatory got so hot I couldn’t use it, whereas now it is just right.

At Thomas Sanderson we offer a fully inclusive design and planning service that’s completely free of charge so you can discuss all your ideas with an expert.  Mr Peet had a free expert design appointment with one of our professional designers named Anthony Meakle. 

After working through all the options and choices together with your designer, we will arrange for one of our surveyors to measure your conservatory. Once your conservatory has been through this process we will then arrange a time for one of our local installation technicians to install your blinds or shutters with minimum disruption and fuss. Mr Peet’s conservatory was surveyed and the blinds were installed by installation technician Matthew Blake.

Mr Peet opted for our most popular product, which are pleated blinds for his conservatory which look very stylish and sophisticated. Take a look below for information on this product…

Pleated Conservatory Blinds

Designed with complete comfort in mind, Pleated conservatory blinds are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing the ultimate shading and styling solution for your conservatory.

The concertina design makes this type of blind incredibly slim and discreet and ensures that blinds can be opened and closed with ease giving you instant control of light, shade, temperature and privacy – and when the blinds are not in use you can still enjoy the view from the conservatory because you hardly notice they are there.

Perfect for any shape or size of window, this precise tight fit ensures that when the blinds are closed, the amount of light and heat escaping is significantly reduced compared with poorly designed and fitted blinds.

Our rebated fitting technique will also allow you to open the windows and doors with the blinds in place so you can still bring in the fresh air and keep the glare and heat at bay – and your windowsills remain completely free from obstruction.

Thomas Sanderson’s Pleated conservatory blinds are also available with SolarTex® fabrics which we apply specialist solar reflective coatings to, which help to reflect the sun’s rays from the glass – ensuring your conservatory stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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