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“Really happy with the shutters. Very helpful service. Very pleased and delighted with the product.”

At Thomas Sanderson we offer a fully inclusive design and planning service that’s completely free of charge so you can discuss all your ideas with an expert. Mr Maidmant had a free expert design appointment with one of our professional designers named James Haigh. 

After working through all the options and choices together with your designer, we will arrange for one of our surveyors to measure your window. Once your shutters have been through this process we will then arrange a time for one of our local installation technicians to install your shutters with minimum disruption and fuss. Mr Maidmant window was surveyed and shutters were installed by installation technician Gavin Collins.

Mr Maidmant opted for LifeTime shutters in his lounge bay window which look stunning!  Take a look below for information on this product…

Bay Window shutters

Old or new, bay windows are a beautiful feature in any home, but as our experience has shown us the walls and lines of these structures are rarely straight and true. Installing shutters into any bay window requires specialist product design and installation techniques.

That’s why Thomas Sanderson have developed our unique BayPole shutter design. This exclusive design allows adjoining shutter panels that meet on the angles to come together neatly and evenly at the BayPole ensuring a flush and precise fit - regardless of the height, size or angles of the windows and aperture.

Once in place, the ends of the panels have been cleverly engineered to pivot around the BayPole, mirroring perfectly the shape and lines of the bay window.

Installing shutters in bay windows can be extremely complex, but our unique BayPole design takes care of all the intricacies that affect the look and performance of angled shutters while making it appear simple and effortless.

So no matter what size or shape your bay window, we can guarantee a long lasting, perfect fit.

Life Time Vinyl Shutters

Designed as the preferred solution for installing shutters in rooms with a high moisture or humidity, our LifeTime vinyl shutters are the ideal choice if you’re considering shutters for bathrooms or kitchens.

Water can be a destructive force and the wrong type of materials such as wood or metals in these spaces may rust, crack, and even warp. Thomas Sanderson has spent years researching and developing the best vinyl shutter. Engineered from hard wearing, lightweight PVCu, the result is the strongest and longest lasting vinyl shutter you can buy, guaranteed not to distort, crack, chip or fade - perfect for every room in your home.

The Thomas Sanderson collection of vinyl shutters is extremely resilient and the durable finish makes dents and scratches a rarity. And cleaning these shutters is incredibly easy, as simple soap and water is all that’s needed to remove finger marks, or blemishes. The ‘LifeTime’ vinyl shutter will never fade or turn yellow due to sunlight or exposure. The original colour will survive the life of the shutter – guaranteed.

In fact we’re so confident in the quality of our vinyl shutters that they are backed by our exclusive 25 year guarantee*, so you can choose with complete confidence.

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