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Summer is here! It’s everyone’s favourite time of year again and for many of us that means staring woefully at your conservatory and wondering if this year it’s going to be a no-go zone again.

Whether it is the dirt or the temperature that is putting you off, make sure you get the most out of your conservatory, and keep it looking its best, just in time for the summer season.

If your conservatory needs a good clean from the winter weather, or you are worried that the temperatures are going to make it virtually unusable – take the time to invest in a deep clean or some temperature control blinds and see what a difference Thomas Sanderson can make to your room.

With over 180,000 customers happy nationwide, Thomas Sanderson are a born and bred British company that are dedicated to making the best blinds for your conservatory. We’ve been handcrafting our blinds in Hampshire for nearly 25 years, and are Europe’s leading manufacturer of all types of blinds and shutters.

You really do get the best when you buy with us.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say!

 “The overall look is exactly as I had hoped and the fitting was carried out in a clean, efficient and timely manner. I would recommend Thomas Sanderson shutters for their quality and finish and they transform the look of a room.”

“It is nice to have such lovely shutters.”

“We are really pleased with our replacement blinds which were recently installed in our conservatory. The product is of a high quality and very versatile. We found the salesman extremely helpful and professional and the surveyor was also very helpful, neat, tidy and efficient. Would highly recommend both the product and the company.”


Wash away the winter

Maintaining a conservatory means looking after the exterior roof, as well as the interior. This is one of the most important areas to focus on if you want your conservatory to remain in a good condition. Washing the inside windows and keeping an eye on any mould or mildew will help prevent the problem, but the roof is a little trickier. It requires a specialist with unique conservatory cleaning equipment in order to remove any problem areas before they get out of control.

Some conservatory owners are unaware that it is important to deep clean your roof at least twice a year to prevent roof damage such as rotting or decay. This can be caused by excess debris that is left on the roof to degrade.

The Premier Plus Conservatory Clean & Care is available from Thomas Sanderson. The two person expert team will spruce your conservatory up into as-new condition, reversing the bad effects of the winter weather, ready for the summertime.

Call us today for a quote on a conservatory cleaning – purchase an exterior clean and for a limited time you will qualify for an interior clean, absolutely free!


The perfect blinds for summer

The summer weather has got us all excited here at Thomas Sanderson, and we are offering our stunning bespoke blinds at 3 for 2 plus £100 off*

There are a wide range of blinds that can help protect your conservatory from the stripping sun, control the temperature and make sure that your conservatory looks stylish too.

  • Duette® EnergySmart Conservatory Blinds – These double pleated blinds are guaranteed to keep all of the heat out, in addition to protecting furniture from harmful UV rays and absorbing sound.

    Also available with SolarTex® coating for further heat prevention.
  • Classic Pleated Blinds with Rebated Fitting – Designed to fit the curve of your window perfectly, these blinds will allow you to have the window ajar whilst still keeping the glare and insects where they belong – outside in the garden.  
  • LifeTime Shutters - The perfect way to control rising temperatures in rooms with high humidity. They are designed to be placed within a bathroom or kitchen, but can be used anywhere in the home including in the conservatory. Made from the finest vinyl, these shutters are covered by a huge 25 year guarantee.
  • Tier on Tier Shutters – The ultimate in privacy and light control. With these blinds you are able to open the top to allow a breeze, but at the same time maintain your privacy by leaving the bottom blinds closed. Perfect if you don’t like neighbours snooping in to see what you are up to!

Add some colour to your conservatory this summer, and invest in some blinds that will be the perfect addition to any home. Order now and take advantage of the deals that Thomas Sanderson have available, for a limited time only! 

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