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With the weather ‘bomb’ already hitting the north of the UK, forecasters are predicting two or three weeks of wild and wintry weather ahead. But if you invest in Thomas Sanderson’s Duette® EnergySmart blinds for your windows and conservatory, there’s no need to worry about the storms because you can be warm and toasty all season.

Our clever Duette® EnergySmart blinds are extremely effective at insulating your windows because they incorporate unique technology in their classic pleated design. Each blind has a double layer of honeycomb fabric and this hexagonal structure traps air passing through it. This, in turn, means the blinds retain heat and help to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Thomas Sanderson’s Duette® EnergySmart blinds are ideal for all areas of your home, saving energy and keeping the heat in wherever it’s needed. They are particularly well suited for conservatories which lose large amounts of heat through the glass. Whatever the weather, with Duette® EnergySmart blinds, your conservatory will become a room for all seasons, comfortable in winter and cool during summer.

But the Duette® EnergySmart collection of blinds is not just for conservatories. Hand-crafted to the highest quality, they can be used in any room and there are even dim-out fabrics which are perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. All Thomas Sanderson blinds are made-to-measure so you can always be sure of a perfect fit. Even better, you’ll be saving money straight away on your energy bills.  

Invest in Thomas Sanderson’s Duette® EnergySmart blinds and escape the cold, wintry weather. Call now to book your free design appointment with a locally based Thomas Sanderson designer today!   

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