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At Thomas Sanderson, we know a thing or two about conservatories, especially how difficult they are to keep clean both inside and out. That’s why we developed our comprehensive deep-clean Conservatory Valet service which has become so popular with our customers.

Now we’ve gone one better with Valet Guard™, a unique treatment to be applied after the conservatory valet that will renovate and protect your conservatory for even longer.

Our exclusive Valet Guard™ non-stick glass surface treatment works in the same way as a non-stick frying pan. After the standard deep-clean valet has been carried out, our team of highly trained valet experts will carefully apply the Valet Guard™ by hand. As if by magic, dirt, rainwater and contaminants will no longer embed in your glass; in fact, it’s so effective at repelling water, you really have to see it to believe it!

Valet Guard™ will renovate and protect the glass in your conservatory and make it easier to clean in future. If you want to keep your conservatory looking pristine and in tip-top condition, you should aim to book a valet every one to two years.

You might think you can achieve the same sparkling clean effect yourself with a home-bought pressure washer or steam cleaner. But some of these tools can cause extensive damage to the seals and glazing units of your conservatory so don’t risk it! Instead, call the experts and put us to the test.

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