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After investing substantial amounts of money on these kinds of items, we all want them to last a long time, giving good service without any problems.

When it comes to blinds and shutters, the best advice is to spend as much as you can afford. As they’re used on a daily basis, it’s vital that they operate smoothly, fit perfectly and are made from high quality materials. Before buying, don’t just look at the style of the products; check out the length of the guarantee and carefully read the terms and conditions in the small print.

Peace of mind

The guarantee (sometimes called a ‘warranty’) offers you peace of mind that if there’s an issue with your blinds or shutters or any of the components fail within the specified time period, they will be repaired or replaced. Above all, the warranty reflects the company’s confidence in the quality and workmanship of its products. The longer the guarantee, the higher the likelihood that you’re buying blinds and shutters made to last.

Quality and craftsmanship

Some manufacturers of bespoke blinds and shutters only offer a warranty of three years or less. With Thomas Sanderson, all our products have a minimum 5 year guarantee as standard while our LifeTime vinyl shutters come with an incredible 25 year guarantee. In addition, for conservatory blinds, we offer an exclusive 10 year Buy Back Promise and a Lasting Care service option. As you would expect, for all our customers, there’s also a comprehensive aftercare service provided by our dedicated customer service team who are there to answer your questions and offer guidance, advice and ongoing support.

Invest in Thomas Sanderson’s blinds or shutters this Christmas and you’ll be enjoying them in your home for many years to come. 

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