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Like us, many UK manufacturers started out as relatively small businesses.

A lot of smaller firms go on to be huge successes because they carry that same attitude with them into the national market. Conservatory blinds are a niche product and to be fitted to different unique measurements, they need specialists to tailor the design at the manufacturing stage.

British providers do not have to order bulk stocks from abroad and limit their range. They can customise new designs at home and continually add to their selection. Getting in touch with a UK based firm and discussing exactly what you want can be easier than trying to converse with service centres overseas.

With a wider range to choose from and personalise, your conservatory is set to look brochure-worthy once the UK designers have added that extra touch. The quality of the blinds improves also and if there are any problems, you know you have a trustworthy source to go back to.

Speed is another weapon in the British manufacturer’s armoury – with localised factories and outlets, your blinds can be handcrafted to measure and professionally installed within just six weeks. British companies pride themselves on their own trustworthiness – the best providers will offer you five year guarantees with every product.

UK manufacturers source their materials from within UK borders, with the intention of providing a service and product to UK people. Their very existence contributes healthily to the British economy and if you go through them for your conservatory blinds – you are contributing too.

Your conservatory is your own personalised space, make the most of the services we have available here in the UK. Contact a British provider, they will visit your home to assess the conservatory and from there, you can rest assured that your blinds will be made to look and fit exactly how you want them to.

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